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ContractorsWhat is a Contractor?
What are SubcontractorsWhat are Subcontractors?
How involved may I get?How involved may I get?
What other things are done by you?Your other services?
How may you be hired?How may you be hired?
How can I control costs?Cost control?
How are changes made?What about changes?
What permits are needed?What permits?
Do I need a large down payment?A large down payment?
Move in dates?Move in dates?
Boards and nailsBoards and nails
Premanufactured housing?Premanufactured?
My family and the job siteMy family on the site?
Proper work ethicsProper work ethics
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Sub contractors can be your biggest asset or your biggest stumbling block.

Over our many years in business, we have acquired the best sub contractors in the business. Be it plumbers, electricians, plaster men, heating and cooling, or what ever the job it will be gone over with your best interest in mind. I will always be on the job, so they can be in full involvement with the task at hand. Then I will be in contact with you. I have learned the small details are the most elusive ones. If something is not done right I want to catch it before you do. It is my desire that when you stop by the job it will be a time of learning new things about your home as the progress moves along.

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