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Welcome to my personal information page. I would like to take some time to share some of my family information with you whether you are looking for a contractor or just curious. I am the third generation to have the family business. In all small businesses the base structure is repeat customers, but we are always looking forward to having new business and new friendships.

My grandfather Garrett Hooker started in 1948 during the post war boom. He operated a small family farm and also began a building business. His first work truck was a 1946 Dodge car which he used to pull a trailer full of tools. He had many employees and built many homes and commercial buildings in the Fremont area.

My father Henry Hooker grew up on the family farm and worked with my grandfather during the summer. When he married my mother he was working in a factory, but building was what he earnestly desired to do with his life. In 1966, he bought the business from my grandfather. At the age of, well I really don’t remember when it started, grade school I think, I began working with my dad during school breaks and summers, and I was hooked. The ability to take simple materials and create something was a great thrill. After high school I worked with him for fifteen years and I learned so much from him.

In 1992 my father passed away very unexpectedly. I t was then my turn to have the business. My mother had been working as the secretary and treasurer for my father and we decided to form Hooker Building, Inc. and have her continue in the same capacity. We broke ground for our first house soon after and have never looked back. The past years have been full of great successes, in spite of the days of below zero weather and rain.

I believe as my Grandfather and Father did, it is important to have faith and family must come first. I have been married for 25 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 great children. My extended family includes four wonderful sisters and lots of nieces and nephews.

Our primary goal with each customer is to take all the time necessary to work out all the details, not only to keep the confusion to a minimum, but to be aware of all costs up front in the beginning. We know all the little things that can creep up and add costs and we try to take care of them beforehand so you’re not surprised by unexpected costs.

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