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Work ethics
Where your home is your castle and a smile awaits you!
Where do I startWhere do I start?
ContractorsWhat is a Contractor?
What are SubcontractorsWhat are Subcontractors?
How involved may I get?How involved may I get?
What other things are done by you?Your other services?
How may you be hired?How may you be hired?
How can I control costs?Cost control?
How are changes made?What about changes?
What permits are needed?What permits?
Do I need a large down payment?A large down payment?
Move in dates?Move in dates?
Boards and nailsBoards and nails
Premanufactured housing?Premanufactured?
My family and the job siteMy family on the site?
Proper work ethicsProper work ethics
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We will always greet the customer with a smile
We will always do the highest quality job
We will always respect the customer and their family
We will always keep safety an utmost concern
We will always take time to understand the heart and mind of the customer
We will always think of the neighbors around the building site
We will always allow anyone to bring doughnuts and coffee and visit with us.
We will not permit smoking in the house during and after floor covering is installed
We will not permit a worker to drink alcohol, ever!!
We will not permit an impaired worker on the job site
We will not permit out bursts of anger and cursing

We will always have as much fun on the job as possible

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