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Where do I startWhere do I start?
ContractorsWhat is a Contractor?
What are SubcontractorsWhat are Subcontractors?
How involved may I get?How involved may I get?
What other things are done by you?Your other services?
How may you be hired?How may you be hired?
How can I control costs?Cost control?
How are changes made?What about changes?
What permits are needed?What permits?
Do I need a large down payment?A large down payment?
Move in dates?Move in dates?
Boards and nailsBoards and nails
Premanufactured housing?Premanufactured?
My family and the job siteMy family on the site?
Proper work ethicsProper work ethics
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The down payment can very from house to house. The amount can be nothing or a large amount. The following can be factors:
Do we need to hire an engineer?
Do the permits cost more than usual?
What does the bank request?
Do the sub contractors require a down payment?
Usually the new home owner has cash down to start the house, at least 20%. We get started with that and then when that is invested we start on the bank money.

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