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This is a fast and growing market. The modern day custom home owes a lot to it. The systems we use now have there root in the manufacturing of them.
My father told me, “Son it’s better to make payments on a beat up mobile home than pay one days rent.” The modern day modular or mobile home owner knows this value. Which means some day they will probably own a standard house. We all start someplace. When I look at a brand new premanufactured home I think, it’s built like a tank, it has to go 70 mph down the road and hit bumps and do things a standard home never has to do. The sheet rock doesn't fly off, it is impressive. Some of them are full of steel. On the down side, I have to say the workmanship is so poor it scares me. I could do better blind folded with one hand tied behind my back. However it’s home. A place to raise your family.
A growing market for the custom builder is when the unit is paid off the owners would like to put an addition on, new trim, sheet rock, doors, roof or whatever. And the same materials we use in a custom home can be used in a premanufactured home.
I have put several additions on and you have to do some things different but the final project is great. Building additions on premanufactured homes is something I have added to my portfolio.

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